Saltsox Urban Booties

Saltsox Urban Booties

Designed with Love

Saltsox were developed because dogs and their humans needed a solution that would meet the unique challenges presented to the urban dog owner during the long winter months. Something substantial had to be done because if the de-icing salt was making our dog Zeke sick chances are it was doing the same to others. We decided to follow the same design philosophy and construction methods as top leaders in the outdoor apparel industry, while keeping the city dog owner in mind. By incorporating these various methods we were able to come up with an exclusive design that uses the same high-tech fabrics and weather-resistant materials specifically engineered to withstand and fight back the most extreme conditions and brutal elements. These booties have been tried and tested down to -15°F and won, take that jack frost, all while keeping the paws clean, dry, and protected.

Quality Materials

Soft shell fleece laminate - Breathable, waterproof and warm. Keeps paws dry and protected from the elements. 1000 Denier Cordura - Extremely durable yet supple. Gives the boot a thin-soled natural feel which promotes balance and security.

Locally Made

We believe in keeping it local so all of our materials are sourced from companies in the USA and our booties are handmade right here in Chicago, IL.


Starting with an anatomically engineered fit we designed our booties to be close-fitting, comfortable, and to stay on. This exclusive design resists rolling, moves with your pet's natural range of motion, are easy to put on and even easier to take off.


De-icing salt is the villian in this story, so we speced a waterproof/breathable fabric to keep salt and moisture out and the paw dry and clean. Combined with a thin layer of polarfleece for insulation and warmth you now have the foundation of a truly weather-proof system. Since our pets need to go out to street level several times a day booties that go on easy and come off easy are essential. And clean, dry paws make for clean, dry floors!


Don't be deceived by the thin-soled design, these babies are purpose-built and tough. While plastic and rubber soles are great for hiking and rough terrain they don't work quite so well on icy, slushy sidewalks. A thin sole allows your dog to feel the pavement rather than isolating them from it and adjust their balance and grip to find secure footing. The result is quick adaptation to the booties and a natural gait. Finding the perfect material was the result of a lot of testing and experimentation. What we use is the hands-down winner.

Washing Instructions
  1. Secure fasteners
  2. Place in a lingerie wash bag
  3. Wash in cold water
  4. Gentle cycle
  5. Mild detergent
  6. DO NOT USE fabric softener
  7. Tumble dry low

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