Saltsox Guarantee

While we never like to hear that our product failed to perform as expected, mistakes can happen so Saltsox fully guarantees our booties from material and manufacturing defects for 1 year from date of purchase. All warranty issues are handled directly through us. If you feel you have purchased a product that you believe to be defective please contact Saltsox Customer Service for assistance. Send an email to

What we will not cover: normal wear and tear - as this naturally occurs with normal use and aging; incidental damage such as tearing of the material or from improper sizing; canine damage from such things as chewing, burying, or wrestling. We reserve the right to replace or credit defective products at our own discretion.

Saltsox Replacement and Special Orders

Just like humans dogs may have different sized feet so we offer custom pairing for dogs with different sized paws, i.e. two large front feet and two medium back. Dogs will be dogs and dryers will be dryers and sometimes booties just disappear. If a bootie has gone missing or been destroyed we can help! You can order 1 bootie at a time if that is all you need. Please go to the order page and select "Replacement Singles."

How do I know what size to get?

With your dog standing on a piece of paper, lift the opposite leg so that the weight is on the other paw and mark the two widest points (not including fur). Measure the distance between the marks and refer to our sizing chart. You can safely go up to and slightly over (+1/8") the maximum width listed for each size on our chart. Salt sox are designed to fit closely to the paw so do not go any larger than recommended.

Can I put them in the washing machine?

Yes! Fasten the Velcro straps on each bootie and place them inside a lingerie wash bag. Set wash to gentle cycle, cold water and use a mild detergent. No Bleach, no fabric softener. Booties can be dried in the dryer on low setting or air dried.

Are Saltsox waterproof?

They are not 100% waterproof, but are extremely water-resistant. They will definitely keep your dogs paws protected from freezing temperatures, salt and slush.

I lost one!

No problem, single booties can be ordered through our online store.

The bootie falls off

The Velcro strap needs to be stretched very snug. New users are often worried that they’ll hurt their pet’s leg by cinching the strap too tight, but that is not the case. The stretchable strap allows for movement and does not restrict blood flow, yet provides the grip necessary to keep the boot in place. Pull that strap nice and tight!

Why are they twisting around?

First, measure again to ensure that you have the correct size. Next, cinch the strap nice and tight. 99% of the problems encountered with boots not staying on or twisting around stem from the strap being too loose. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt your dog and they'll quickly adapt to the new feeling.

How long will they last?

All dogs are different on wear, but with proper care Saltsox should last for the entire winter season.

How long does it take to get used to them?

Most dogs adapt within minutes! They may feel funny to them at first, but with a little distraction like a toy or a treat, before you know it they’ll forget they are even on.

My dog’s toenail poked through

We strongly recommend keeping toenails well-trimmed. Excessively long nails are not only unhealthy for your pet, they can also prevent the boot from fitting properly as the paw is prevented from going all the way to the front of the boot. Unfortunately damage of this nature is not covered by our warranty. Single replacement boots can be ordered through our online store.

What’s your return policy?

We accept returns of unworn booties in new condition.

Whom do I contact with questions?

Email and we will promptly respond within 24 hrs.