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What people - and their dogs - are saying


My dog Sherman (the German Shepard) loves to play outside and go for walks. He can't wait for me to return home from work so that he can go outside and play. Unfortunately, where I live, we've had non-stop temperatures in the 90's all summer long which makes it nearly impossible to walk and play outside. I have measured the surface temperature of the pavement numerous times and received measurements in excess of 150° - way too hot for me to walk barefoot so I certainly wouldn't allow Sherman to do so.

I did some online searching and came across Lavasox by Saltsox and immediately placed an order. We both love them! They are lighter weight than winter dog boots but provide awesome protection against excessive heat. They fit great and Sherman doesn't even mind wearing them. As a matter of fact I had my phone ready to video him doing the "dog boot dance" but he ran out of the house like he didn't even have them on. Thanks to Lavasox Sherman and I can enjoy the summer together again.


Moge & Ted


Living In Colorado, which is closer to the sun and has a huge lack of shaded areas, I was worried about protecting my dogs paws. The boot I previously used didn't have breathable materials and would often fall off and get lost. Now I no longer worry about my pups paws getting burned due to hot pavement thanks to Lavasox! Not only that, they stay on the best of any boots I've tried and also protect from pesticides in the grass! Love them!



I usually don't write to companies but I'd like to thank you because we purchased your Saltsox from Bushwick Bark in Brooklyn and our dog finally has a pair he likes to wear. They stay on and give him tremendous mobility and flexibility while being durable and protective.

Looking forward to future products!



Hello! I just wanted to say thank you. Your Saltsox are the best I've found for my little fur-baby. They're *actually* waterproof (which is incredible) and the bottom holds up well against her scratching them on the ground all the time. And finally, the extended Velcro area is a wonderful addition. I'm telling all my friends how great they are.