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Our Story

Photo by Andre Benz on Unsplash

Saltsox became a reality in 2012 after a blistery cold and particularly extreme winter in the city of Chicago, IL. Several years earlier Cindy and her husband were concerned for the well being of their dogs Zeke and Zoe. The de-icing salt used to clear the city streets and sidewalks was proving to be a major pain in the paw. While there were many great products out there, (and we tried a ton) not a one of them was what we needed for the hustle and bustle of everyday city life. We needed a boot that was:

~ water-proof and kept the paws dry and clean
~ insulated
~ comfortable
~ easy to put on and take off
~ stayed in place

Zeke and Zoe became the original test pilots and over a few winters, with several fabric and design changes we were able to perfect our design by testing on dogs of all ages, size, and activity levels on the tough streets of the city. They were put to the test when the polar vortex hit in the winter of 2014 where temperatures plunged to -15 F and quickly turned into one of the worst winters on record. Born of ice and snow and designed from the heart, we began production the following spring.

Saltsox are handmade locally in Chicago, IL



Hi My name is Zeke and I am one of the founding dogs of Saltsox. I moved to Chicago 4 1/2 years ago and that first winter I spent here in the city was a killer! I wasn’t familiar at all with the heavy salting of streets and sidewalks and my paws just couldn’t take it. I spent many a walk hobbling along on 3 paws because of some salt stuck in my 4th one! I tried to handle it myself by incessantly licking my paws clean only to make myself sick in the process. My Mom tried the paw wash deal 3 to 4 times a day but I wanted nothing to do with that! My Dad finally decided to make me a custom pair of dog booties now known as Saltsox. I love these things, I can walk and run comfortably, my paws stay clean, dry and warm. I have a handle on these city winters now! bow wow!


Hi my name is Riley, I am an exuberant and loving 4 yr old Pitbull mix. I was born for the winters in Chicago. The crisp winter air and fresh layer of snow always gets to me in the mood to frolic and play. Whether I am wrestling with my friends, jumping excitedly through the park, or playing my absolute favorite game of “running in circles” I absolutely love wearing my Saltsox. The city’s salt is brutal, it used to burn my paws raw and sadly even going around the block became an undelightful and unhappy experience. My mom and dad saw this and got me my first set of Saltsox now I am hooked for life and ready to run and run and let my inner puppy free! Thanks Saltsox for giving me my frolicking paws back.


There’s nothing I like more than a good winter powder day - crisp air and fresh snow! I always had a problem with booties staying on my feet though, they always seemed to blow off just as I was getting a good sprint going. Not that I cared, but Mom would always get sad about it for some reason. Then Dad had a bright idea and made these really cool new booties that I don’t even feel when they’re on! They are so comfy and don’t twist around, sometimes when we get home I completely forget to take them off. Mom’s really happy now.


I'm so happy my owner bought me a pair of Saltsox last winter . I no longer get "Frosty Paw " or " Limpy Leg" on my winter walks or when I'm playing in the snow . Living in Chicago with all the harsh winter elements , especially salt, ice and snow , Saltsox are a necessity ! They are super durable and I love the custom fit to my paws . I also can wear them inside on slippery hardwood floors ! I highly recommend Saltsox to all my fellow four legged friends !